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Kathryn H. Britton

Attorney at Law

I provide legal services to small and medium sized local businesses that do not have an in-house attorney and need affordable legal guidance. With over thirty years of legal and business experience and using my skills working as an in-house attorney for companies in Silicon Valley or the Monterey Bay area, I am able to provide prompt, cost effective, legal services using a practical, business minded approach.


Phone 831.688.7724
Address Aptos, California 95003

Committed To: Helping Local Businesses Succeed
Personal Interests Conservation, Natural Resources, Open Space Preservation and Public Trails


Why should we use your services?

I will help you preserve the value of your business while ensuring that both you and your business are legally protected.  I understand the need for balance between practical business considerations and appropriate attention to legal issues.  Moreover, because of my experience and low office overhead, I can provide very cost-effective legal services.

Can you give some examples of how you can help my business?

I can work with you to assess potential future risks in any business relationship while securing an appropriate balance between risk and your business objectives.  Given my extensive experience in company environments, I am able to propose practical, business sensitive solutions that will work both for you and satisfy your customers and suppliers.

I can develop generic documents for use with your customers or suppliers that are customer friendly, address your business requirements, protect your assets, and assure that all needed requirements are not overlooked.

If your assets include intellectual property such as trade secrets, software, trademarks, or patentable inventions, I will help you determine how best to protect these assets and will then will take whatever steps are needed to help you obtain the needed protections and to develop related internal processes and procedures. 

Can you manage all of our legal issues?

I can handle most legal issues that typically arise in companies.  For some matters that require specialization, such as patent or trademark prosecution, securities, wage and hour issues, and litigation, I can identify other qualified attorneys and manage the relationship with them, ensuring that they provide you with quality, cost effective legal services.


As examples, I have counseled companies concerning the following:

  • Marketing and advertising
  • Internet based products or services
  • Purchase, sale, or distribution of products
  • Consulting or other services
  • Sales of healthcare products or services
  • Development and management of company document systems
  • Development and licensing of software or hardware
  • Financial services
  • Leasing
  • Protection of company secrets and intellectual property
  • Compliance with local, state, and federal regulations and requirements
  • Land use and conservation
Download current resume


Download current resume


Manager of the Legal Departmentafter 1987The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.

I handled a wide range of legal matters including licensing, contracts, tax, corporate affairs, employee relations, facilities, manufacturing, advertising, immigration, international subsidiaries, including sales, marketing, distribution, and operational matters for the North American and Pacific/Asia/Latin American regions; I drafted and negotiated agreements; managed domestic and international trademark programs; managed litigation worldwide; directed outside counsel and managed internal programs.

Western Division Counselafter 1987Hitachi Data Systems, Inc.

I handled computer equipment sales, service, and leasing, software licensing, acquisition, and development, product distribution and marketing, third party relationships and alliances, intellectual property, and commercial, governmental, operational, and all other matters related to North American sales and operations including facilities, employment, and real estate related matters; I also developed, drafted, and negotiated agreements and managed litigation and outside counsel.

Wells Fargo Bank N.A.Contract Corporate Attorney

I handled complex technology, services, and confidentiality related matters.

Pandora Data Systems, Inc.Contract Corporate Attorney

I handled much of the company's legal work including the licensing of its software and provision of services to healthcare facilities nationwide.

Zayante, Inc.Contract Corporate Attorney

I handled licensing of their hardware and software products worldwide.

Apple Computer CorporationContract Corporate Attorney

I handled technology and manufacturing transactions with suppliers worldwide.

Visa International Services AssociationContract Corporate Attorney

I handled development and drafting of a standard document system for services.

PayPal, Inc.Contract Corporate Attorney

I handled licensing, consulting, and business related transactions.


I obtained my law degree from Santa Clara University and have been admitted to the California Bar and have been practicing cases in Santa Cruz and Silicon Valley since 1979. My interests in horticulture, conservation, and open space preservation along with my positions as a board member of the Santa Cruz County Open Space Alliance and Nisene 2 Sea have continued to keep my interests in biology alive over the years after I received a degree in ecology from the University of California, Berkeley.


Prior to 1987, I handled business related matters of all sorts in my private legal practice. This work included litigation,
when needed. In addition, I worked as an ecologist at the University of California, Berkeley and a biology researcher at The University of California, Santa Cruz.

My years of experience working with company management has given me an in depth understanding of the issues facing businesses and enhanced my ability to provide practical, prompt, cost effective, business sensitive solutions and legal advice.

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Kathryn H. Britton
Aptos, California 95003

Committed To: Helping Local Businesses Succeed